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Levi Approved Forklift Battery

Forklift Battery Solutions

Forklift Battery Solutions

Forklift Battery Solutions of Arizona is a division of Alliance Material Handling. Our forklift battery experts offer new, used, reconditioned, and regenerated forklift batteries for sale and rent to the greater Phoenix area. We can also help you identify deficiencies in maintaining and extending the life of forklift batteries, helping you save time and money.

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Battery & Forklift Charger

New Batteries & Chargers

Heavy Duty and Multi-shift Applications

Our Hercules X Power Batteries will give you the performance and longevity backed by a warranty and LOCAL service. From our Workhorse to Thoroughbred series chargers, we have the horsepower in our stable to satisfy your charging needs.

Battery & Charger Service

  • Battery and charger evaluation and repairs
  • Complete in-shop repair when required
  • Rental batteries and chargers are available
  • Accessories for your battery and charger needs: safety/spill kits, lifting beams, etc.

Reconditioned Batteries

For lower usage applications where you can’t justify the price of a new battery consider our RECON BATTERIES.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Installation and removal of old battery included

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Used Forklift Battery Chargers

12 to 80 volt

Choose from our second line of chargers that may not have all of the bells and whistles but don’t bear the cost either. Call for pricing and availability.


Battery Maintenance & Training

Electric forklifts cost approximately 45% less to maintain than an internal combustion lift when the battery is maintained properly. Let us help you maintain your electric forklift battery. We will help you identify deficiencies in maintaining your batteries, saving you time and money.

Forklift Battery Maintenance


Forklift Battery Single Watering System

Single Point Watering Systems

Do your employees forget to water your battery?
Do you see white corrosion on the top and sides of your battery?
Consider installing a single point watering system as an economical solution to:

  • Extend battery life
  • Ensure proper water levels
  • Eliminate the need to remove watering caps to check water level

Forklift Battery Lite

Red/Green Water Level Lite

The Red / Green Level Lite lets you know the status of a batteries electrolyte level at a glance. Simply mount in the center cell of you battery and it will display a brilliant green light when the battery has an adequate electrolyte level and flash red warning light when the battery requires water to be added.

New Technology Can Extend Battery Life up to 2X!

We are the first company in the US using the new 30 KVA Pulse Regenerative technology to recondition forklift batteries. This technology enables us to extend your battery life up to 2 times. New batteries can be cost prohibitive, but now you have an option! If your battery is mechanically sound we can increase the capacity of your battery substantially through our Regen Process.
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